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1.Can your vendor or the vendor you are considering process your payroll correctly?
  • Is your vendor calculating the required medical deduction?   CASA Does!
  • Is your vendor calculating pension correctly on a per payroll basis?  CASA Does!
  • Is your vendor calculating pension according to the NJ State Pension Board requirements?  CASA Does!
  • Can your vendor handle the Defined Contribution Retirement Program (DCRP)?  CASA Does!
  • Does your vendor understand & handle Pension Shortage & Reimbursement requirements correctly?  CASA Does!
  • Does your vendor provide Quarterly PERS & PFRS reports exactly in the ROC format?  CASA Does!
  • Does your vendor handle multiple Police earnings that differentiate from non-pensionable & pensionable?  CASA Does!
  • Does your vendor provide a Special Report of Social Security Contributions - the figures are used for the State DOENET System  CASA Does!
  • Does your vendor breakout Extra Compensation into clearly identified specific earning types?  CASA Does!
  • Does your vendor split out wages automatically to specific budget line items?  CASA Does!
  • Does your vendor issue Agency & Garnishment Deduction Checks out of the agency account on a per payroll, monthly, quarterly, or any multiple frequency basis?  CASA Does!
  • Does your vendor have Accrual Reporting with management reports & balances on check stubs?  CASA Does!
  • Does your vendor have an automatic W-2 Group Term Life Insurance (over $50K) imputed income calculation & report?  CASA Does!
  • Does your vendor’s system have an easy way to handle Third Party Sick Pay calculations & reports?  CASA Does!
2.Does your vendor or the vendor you are considering have an Electronic Tax Payment Service, which eliminates Risk by Keeping You in Control of your tax dollars?
  • CASA Does!
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