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Biometrics - Cellular Clock Options

FlexClock Vx510G

The FlexClock Vx510G offers employers the convenience of connecting to the Web in real-time* through a cellular connection (GSM Wireless) with the security of a biometric timekeeping device.   It's the recommended solution for locations that desire biometric punching and have a stationary power source but not an Analog or Ethernet data connection to the Web.

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Product Intro - The Vx510G is recommended for employers in need of a timekeeping solution requiring the following key features:

>> Real-time* cellular (wireless) connectivity
>> Biometric PrintReader support (optional)
>> Built-in punch receipt printer
FlexClock Vx510G

If an onboard battery is not required for your organization, the Vx510G offers cellular connectivity and the ability to add a biometric PrintReader.





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